1. The following Rules are a general list covering the entire competitions. To find a detailed list of rules for each individual competition, please click on that competition within the Competitions page.

  2. Entries must be submitted through our online application system, along with the fee. The closing date for all entries is Friday 31st January 2020.

  3. The cut off date for under age competitions is 1st Mar. (e.g.U14 does not mean 14 and under. If you are already 14 on the 1st Mar you are not eligable for an U14 competition and must choose the next age catagory up). The website is programmed to  offer competitions that you are eligable for according to your date of birth.

  4. Competitors in all competitions must be attending Secondary School, but not necessarily taking music lessons in school.

    The four exceptions to this are:Unison or 2 part Primary Choirs, Recorder Solo Primary, Recorder Ensemble Primary, or Primary School Orchestras. These competitions are for Primary Schools.

  5. Primary Pupils may not enter Secondary School competitions, except where there is a preparatory class within the secondary school.

  6. All competitions may be entered only once by an individual competitor with the exception of chamber music competitions, where a performer may participate in two different ensembles, but no more than this.

  7. All competitors (individual & group) must perform ONE piece only which must not exceed 5 minutes.  The adjudicator will time all competitors and any performance exeeding 5 minutes will be disqualified from prize winning. There is one exception to this rule - Primary Orchestras may play two short contrasting pieces not exceeding 5 minutes in total.


  8. In orchestral competitions, all instruments (including piano accompaniment) must be played by students only.

  9. Competitors in ensemble competitions need not be members of the same school.

  10. Competitors are asked to provide their own accompanist, but if a festival accompanist is required an additional charge of €15 for each competition must be included with the entry fee. A complete copy of the piano part must be sent to Interschools Music Festival, WesleyCollege, Ballinteer, Dublin 16 to finalise the booking process. The closing date to recieve accompaniment music is Friday 14th February 2020.

  11. CDs or backing tracks may NOT be used as a means of accompaniment except in Percussion and Rock Guitar Competitions.

  12. A copy of the music must be provided for the adjudicator in ALL competitions, except within Own Performed Song where  a copy of words will be accepted if necessary. Competitors' attention is drawn to the Laws on Copyright which prohibit the unauthorised photocopying of music. The Interschools Music Festival assumes that anybody using photocopies has the permission of the publisher to do so.

  13. Photocopying of music is illegal; this facility will not be available.

  14. Songs must be sung in Irish within Unaccompanied Irish Song Competitions,(both U15 and O15).

  15. If the entries in the Solo Singing Competitions are very large some of the competitions may be run on the Friday afternoon.

  16. The timing of Singing Competition Finals will take priority, so in the event of a chosen accompanist not being available, a provided festival piano accompanist must be used.

  17. Unaccompanied Vocal Ensemble and Secondary Level Chamber Orchestra must be performed without a conductor. There is a maximum of 16 performers within each group for these competitions.

  18. Orchestral Competitions are for instruments only. Singers are not allowed.

  19. Rock Guitar U15 and O15 may include acoustic or electric guitar.

  20. Solo electric guitar competitors must bring their own amplifiers.

  21. All equipment (amps, mics, stands & drum kit) will be supplied for all  Band Competitions. As a result it is very important to send in the Band Requirement Form giving details of what equipment you may need. This form is available, on the website under Downloads.

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Application Online

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