Interschools Music Festival strive to give schools, parents and students alike the enjoyment of seeing a photographic record of their performance.

The festival is lucky enough to have a team of photographic students coordinated by a professional photographer. They aim to cover as many of the competitions as possible throughout the festival weekend. We recognize that prize-winners in particular may wish to have a picture of their moment of success, although it is not possible for us to capture every successful student over the festival weekend.

We make all our photos available online where people can download the images digitally. All photographs are available free of charge. A password for each competition is sent to each school/competitor who takes part in that particular competition. This gives only competitors access to the photographs. Each school/competitor may then decide whether they wish to download their photos or not.

To this end, the festival has a dropbox and in the weeks following the festival each year we upload and edit all the photography from the weekend. All schools and competitors are then emailed the link to this box as soon as it is ready. This gives everyone direct access to all pictures and the ability to download any images they would like. Please try to be patient, it may take a number of weeks for us to edit and upload all the photos onto the dropbox. We will let you know as soon as the pictures are available.



Results 2019

This is a full list of all prize winners at Interschools Music Festival 2019.

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Wesley College

Wesley College is the home of the Interschools Music Festival. The school has hosted and run the Music Festival each year since its inception.  Click below for information on Wesley College.

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Camera  & pictures

All our photographs will be available shortly after the festival weekend to schools and competitors to download free of charge. Please click below for details.

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